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Ensign Caleb Bacon

Race: Terran
 (Q and Borg are only allowed with permission)
Age Appearance Terran
 (what the character would look like. i.e. humanoid, etc.)
Age Appearance mid twenties.
 (The age appearance...i.e E-Aurians are centuries old, but look in their 30s) 
Height: 6 ft. 2 inches
Weight: weightlbs lbs.
Hair: blonde
 Hair color or style or none if the character is bald 
Eyes: blue
(include if both eyes are not the same color, or have an unusal appearance) 
 (I.e. skin tone, brow ridges, hair style) 
Special Garments: none
(i.e. sash added to the uniform or breathing apparatus) 

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