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USS Aldrin
Computer Data Base USS Aldrin-D Crew Roster Stardate 201905.22<br />by Commander Suavek
Briefings and Recordings USS Aldrin Sim Log Stardate 201902.11
Personnel Recordings DL: LtCmdr Morgensen "Cloak and Dagger, Part One"
USS Ares
LCARS Database Bio: Eros Denaar
Operations Records Mission Brief for 5/28/19
Personnel Transcripts Captain's Log
Uss Columbia
Bios, Ship specs and other data unknown
Mission breifs and Duty logs unknown
personal Log Data unknown
USS Excelsior
biographies-mission briefs Mission Brief 201906.02 by Captain Michael Holden
Logs and Narratives "Gar's Critique" JDL by Captain Michael Holden,
USS Hermes
Bios and Data Hermes updated Roster 201811.13
Briefings and Logs DL "Getting Information the Gorn Way" by Lt. Commander Slith
Lounge PL "Another Plan of Attack" by Kilroy x2 B9
USS Independence
Rosters, Biographies and Data Apr 4, 2019
Briefings and Duty Logs "Indy sim report 201905.30", by Lt. Commander Travis Cloud May 30, 2019
Lounge "Ode to the Indy", by Liz Agimis on Apr 4 2019
USS Odyssey
Rosters, bios anddata "Bio by Rick King
breifs and logs Chat log<br />May 2019
Lounge "Round Table Discussion"
USS Penumbra
Rosters, Biographies, Specs and Data Lt cmdr (update)
Briefings and Logs "Spilling the Beans To Dean"
Lounge "T'Lin Log "Beach Vacation"
USS Roddenberry
Rosters, Bios and Data Bio: "James and His Cohorts" by James Bowie
Briefings and Logs Sim Brief for 4/3/18 by Ensign David Watts
Lounge PL "Watt's Personal Log" by Ensign David Watts
Starbase Everest
Rosters, Bio Data "DL STS Rak Munis Log 5"
Briefings and Logs Sim Mission Brief: 201905.18, "Typhon Pact In Control,"<br />by Commander Malachi Styles
Lounge PL "Sleek Little Shuttle"<br />By Commander Malachi Styles
Starfleet Academy
Bios and Data Updated Bio by Fleet Captain T'Marahoi
Briefings and Logs Cadet Brief 201905.28 by Captain Rhea Janseen
Lounge PL "Wherfor Art My Kate" by Eliza Davis & Lt. J.g. Kale Barron

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