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"Sherlock and Larie" JL pt.10

Mrs. Larie Grimes, Lieutenant Sherlock Grimes,
Posted on 202006.27
  She shook her head.  “That just a cub, but still dangerous.  I don’t see any parents around, maybe it’s an orphan.”  She said and reached out and gently touched the cub. She then sat down next to Sherlock and wondered as the cub jumped down from the tree and landed lightly on the sand and curled up in Sherlock’s lap, wrapping its tail tightly around Sherlock’s waist.  She giggled softly. “It looks like you have been adopted, Sherlock.”
  Sherlock was surprised by the cubs reaction.  He gently moved the tail just a little so it wasn’t so tight around his waist.  He had always had a way with animals, especially felines and he guessed it worked with alien felines as well.  He carefully stroked the fur/scales of the animal. He was curious if it was male or female.
  With a giggle, Larie shook her head.  “They don’t have a sex until their first mating heat.  That is when they decide if they want the role of male or female.  Predators mate for life, so they and their partner always decide together who is going to be which gender.”  Then Larie frowned and picked up a rear paw and hissed. A conga root thorn was stuck in the cub’s tender skin.  She very gently pulled out the five inch thorn and buried it in the ground. She then gathered some humma and gently crushed the leaves before placing them over the bleeding wound of the cub’s.  She held it there for several moments and then removed the leaves and the wound was closed up. She buried the humma leaves as well. She giggled with the cub licked her in gratitude for the help.
  “You see, Larie, even the hunter has need of help from the hunted.”  He said softly, hoping she would understand that everyone had many sides to them and not all of them were scary.
  Larie nodded.  “Oh, I know. Here on Orion we are each predator and prey, this cub knows it and I know it.  Everyone knows that we are part of the cycle of life, you are either eaten so others can live or you eat others so you can live and then you get to start all over again fresh given enough time to learn and grow.  Here on Orion the benign and malignant live hand in hand.” She waved at all the plants. “The yellowish grass is dangerous, the purplish grass is not, and they grow side by side and feed each other.” She explained.
  Then the predator jumped up and ran off and Larie and Sherlock both sighed together.  Then Larie jumped up and pulled Sherlock to his feet. “I want to show you the weeping tree.”  She said and gathered her clothing and used a cord to tie it around her waist and showed him how to do the same thing and then led them rapidly through the jungle to the weeping tree.
  The giant and ancient weeping birch towered over all the other trees here.  It’s silvery white bark was a stark contrast to the browns and blacks of the other trees.  Under the weeping tree, the ground was covered in moss and ferns and was as soft and the sands, but loamy rather than granular.  A few yards from the tree was a drop off and a large boulder sat near the edge and looking over the drop, he could see a river.
  Larie stood and looked up at the tree.  She rested her hand against the warm trunk.  “This is another favorite place to meet and play.  It is said that more mating have happened under this tree than anywhere on Orion.  I’ve come here often, but I have never been chosen, I was also second for when one of the sisters got tired but the male still wanted to play.  I have always wanted to be chosen first, to know what that is like.” She said softly.
  “I chose you, Larie.”  Sherlock said, not quite understanding how she could never have been chosen first.  He came behind her and held her shoulders, pulling her against him.
  “You haven’t seen my sisters.”  She said softly. She then asked if they could add to the program and then described those of her sisters she went out with the most often.  Larcia, Trishan, Patrice, Daylia, and Sorva. Then the five lush Orion women appeared and they started to flirt with Sherlock. Larie watched them a moment and then went to the boulder and sat down, her back to the group.  She picked up a stone on the ground and skipped it across the river as she waited for Sherlock to have his fun. This was always the case, she was left out and came to sit on this rock of shame and loneliness while the others played in the soft ground under the tree.
  Sherlock looked at the other Orion women there and pushed through them to move to Larie’s side.  Her body language screamed of hurt and pain and loneliness. He reached out and touched her. “Larie, I chose you, but here at your place, not over there by the tree.  That tree isn’t nearly as special as this rock is.” He told her, and when she would have ignored him, he gently turned her around to face him. “Larie, I have seen your sisters now and I still choose you, I will always choose you.”  He said.

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