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"sherlock and Larie" JL, pt.11/Finale

Mrs. Larie Grimes, Lieutenant Sherlock Grimes,
Posted on 202006.27
  Her eyes filled with tears as she looked at Sherlock.  “But you picked me here, not under the tree. It isn’t the same thing.”  To her, this stupid rock only meant pain and isolation, while the tree represented acceptance and happiness.  She just didn’t know how to make him understand this. “How would you feel if you have had a dream for your whole life and suddenly it was there, right in front of you, but it passed you by as if you weren’t good enough to have that dream?”
  Sherlock wondered how just a smart and loving woman could be so blind.  He wiped away her tears and looked at her. “I see this rock as special, because it is your place and no one else has ever been chosen here, by this rock.  But if it means so much to you, then we will stand under the tree and I will pick you there.” He was trying to make her see that it didn’t matter where she was, she was what was so special, not the place.
  She thought about his words.  It had always been her dream to be chosen under the weeping tree, but his words made her feel foolish for demanding he pick her there instead of here.  She looked at him. “No, not under the tree, here by the rock. I just don’t know how we will be able to play here when it’s hard and uncomfortable.”
  With a slow smile, Sherlock showed her just how they could play at the rock. Larie had never imagined play could be like that.  She felt more special for having been chosen by the rock rather than under the tree. The rock was now so much more desirable. She fixed Sherlock a mid-day meal of fried fingerling fish and sliced conga root.  She also made humma sauce and pika sauce for the dishes, which always made it better. The humma was green and had some spice to it and the pika was red and was more fruity but not sweet. When they were done, they slowly dressed again.
  Together, they returned to their quarters on the station.  Larie again sticking to Sherlock like glue, but this time daring to peek out and at least notice different skin colors.  She didn’t have quite enough courage to look into anyone’s eyes, but she at least didn’t spend the entire time cowering behind Sherlock.
  Once inside the door, she was once again out of her clothing, feeling it starting to itch her.  She then climbed into the bed and curled up. It had been a long morning and she felt she needed a nap.  She smiled with Sherlock joined her, and together, they slept until dinner.

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