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To create a new USF Computer Core account, fill out the form below. Your email address will serve as your account name.

Please read this *important* information:

  • Email Confirmation. After your account has been created, your confirmation will be emailed to the address you provide. Your email address must be capable of receiving mail from this web site. If mail from this site is blocked, you will not receive your confirmation. (it comes from the server)

  • Fleet-Wide Announcements via email. On rare occasions the USF Core System Administrators or USF's High Command may need to send fleet-wide announcements via email. As long as your Core account is open you will receive these messages. You may opt-out of these emails by closing your Core Account. (

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    The backup email address is an "emergency contact" address.

    It is only accessible to the hosts of your assigned sim for the purposes of contacting you in the event your primary email appears inaccessible. It is not used for any mailings and not shared or displayed to anyone else. You will never receive automated or mailing list emails at this address. It can also be used to verify you own a Core account if you lose access to your signup email address.

    We recommend having a backup.

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    Privacy and Security

    Why do I have to register?
    You have to register at the USF Computer Core because we wanted there to be some level of protection on this site against impersonation and abuse. If there were no passwords, anyone could post anything in anyone's name. Email addresses are verified so that the number of accounts one can create is in some way limited and controlled, since it takes effort to create a new address even at a free email web site.
    Can I change my password after I sign up?
    Yes, you can and should change your password to something you will remember. This can be done after you sign up by clicking My Account and modifying your account information. Do not use the same password for this site as you do for any other site so that you do not risk compromising the security of your other accounts.
    Is this site secure?
    This site is not as secure as you would expect online purchases to be, and for good reason - it is not necessary. If you do not use a password that protects valuable information in the event a hacker is able to see your password, they will gain nothing of any value.
    Who has access to my email address?
    Your choice. Most importantly, your email address will not ever be shared with third parties. For purposes of necessary sim communication, all USF Hosts and your sim crew mates have access. Other than those exceptions, you choose who has access to your email address when you create a character.
    Who has access to my password?
    No one - including hosts - is able to view your password through this web site. Passwords, however, are stored unencrypted on this web server, and so a very small number of system administrators are technically able to view your password, although they have no reason to. This is all the more reason to not use a password for this site that you use for any other service. Note that like all unencrypted website submissions (anything that starts with http:// and not https:// ), your password is transmitted during login over the internet and can be viewed during that transmission. (a cookie is used to maintain your session that does not reveal your password)

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