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USF Simulation Schedule

The USF is currently running 13 simulations at different times during the week. Here's our schedule.

Please contact the CO or XO of a simulation before visiting. To join a SIM, fill out our application!

All times are US Eastern. Subtract 3 hours if you are on the US west coast.


USS Excelsior
9:00p every Sunday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Capt. Holden
XO: Cdr. Carishai
The USS Excelsior, the USF's charter sim, has been dispatched into Romulan space to provide aid to the survivors of the Hobus disaster and feel out the political situation. Brand new adventures await you in a brand new setting!
Outpost Phoenix
10:00p every Sunday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: FCpt. Arzie
XO: Cdr. Masterson
Outpost Phoenix is located in the Tahnna'Whanna Planetary System, on Tahnna'Whanna IV. We welcome all interested individuals that wish to share their uniqueness and talents to aid in the growth of this marvelous planet.
Now Recruiting: Engineering, Science, and Tactical/Security Officers [Sign up here!]


USS Columbia
9:00p every Monday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Capt. Fjori
XO: (not assigned)
In the new Sovereign Class C / Heavy Battleship/Heavy Explorer Ship. Exploring and combating new threats both foreign and domestic to the Federation. Time frame 10 years after Admiral Janeway's return with Voyager.
Now Recruiting: Space in most Departments [Sign up here!]
Departments Full: Security/Tactical
USS Aldrin
10:00p every Monday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: FCpt. Naal
XO: Cdr. Nazir
A newly commissioned Anshar-Class Starship, NCC-65358-C, has been assigned to assist Starfleet Intelligence in protecting the Federation. Contact the command staff if you're interested!
Now Recruiting: All Departments [Sign up here!]


USS Roddenberry
8:30p every Tuesday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Comdr. Packard
XO: (not assigned)
The USS Roddenberry is an advanced Nebula Class multi-mission cruiser stationed in the Beta Quadrant, patrolling the Federation/Romulan border.
Now Recruiting: Engineering Officers, Science, Security, Medical, Counselor, NPCs [Sign up here!]
USS Hermes
10:00p every Tuesday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Capt. Kirk, Jr.
XO: (not assigned)
The USS Hermes-G is a Legacy Class explorer which constantly pushes the boundaries of the unknown. We pride ourselves on the rich personal history of our crew and our compelling story lines. Expect an epic twist every week.
Now Recruiting: Engineering, Operations, Counselor [Sign up here!]
Departments Full: Science, Medical, Tactical, Helm


USS Ares
10:00p every Wednesday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Capt. Anderson
XO: Cdr. Matsugami
The USS Ares is in the Alpha quadrant, but she is far from home. The crew must travel through space and time in search of the universe they know and love: Kosmos Alpha. Join the crew and test your resolve.
Now Recruiting: [OPEN: Security, Engineering] [Sign up here!]
Departments Full: [CLOSED: Medical]


USS Independence
10:00p every Thursday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: FCpt. McMahon
XO: (not assigned)
A Sovereign-class (Refit)ship assigned to the Delta quadrant, maintains a foothold near the Galactic Core while exploring the unknown & making contact with new species. The crew works to expand the reach of the Federation.
Now Recruiting: All Departments, including, Science, Tactical/Security, Engineering and Medical. As well as an Intelligence Liason Officer [Sign up here!]


USS Darmok
10:00p every Friday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: VAdm. Johannson
XO: Cdr. Xiaoyen
One of only a few Aurora Class vessels, the USS Darmok is a small and highly maneuverable ship designed for exploration and long-range reconnaissance. Sign aboard for adventure and fun!
Now Recruiting: All departments [Sign up here!]


Starbase Everest
8:00p every Saturday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: FCpt. Darz
XO: (not assigned)
Starbase Everest is a newly rebuilt, state of the art facility on the outskirts of federation territory. Its crew must battle the unknown, experience the unexpected, and push the envelope every day. Welcome to the Frontier!
Now Recruiting: Engineering, Science, Medical, Counseling and Civilians [Sign up here!]
USS Odyssey
9:00p every Saturday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Capt. Markson
XO: (not assigned)
The USS Odyssey's missions are varied in nature, taking the crew from one end of the galaxy to the other, as well as occasional trip to other dimensions/times. We sim everything from exploration, battles & character development.
Now Recruiting: Engineering, Tactical, Science, Helm [Sign up here!]
Starfleet Academy
10:00p every Saturday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Capt. Janseen
XO: (not assigned)
Starfleet Academy is a fun and different way to make your way into the universe. Start as a cadet with a major and/or minor field of study. Make new friends and learn from the ground up during your freshman through senior years.
Now Recruiting: Almost all fields of study [Sign up here!]
USS Federation
11:00p every Saturday in Webchat Sec001 Webchat
CO: Comdr. Hawks
XO: Cdr. Calvin
Set in the year 2155, the USS Federation explores the galaxy, seeking out new life and new worlds to colonize. It also protects Earth's colonies and their shipping lanes, and our allies, against all who try to destroy th
Now Recruiting: All Departments. [Sign up here!]