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About the USF

What is the United Space Federation?

Founded by Admiral Andy B. Clements in 1995, the United Space Federation is one of the oldest Star Trek role-playing groups around. Lead by around 40 simulation hosts, we currently have 20 Simulations in action that provide you with an excellent opportunity for adventure and excitement in the realm of cyberspace. If you are interested in the Star Trek universe and consider yourself imaginative, then the USF is for you.

What is a USF simulation?

Simulations (SIMs) are a type of role-playing game in which you simulate (pretend!) being an officer on a Star Fleet vessel. There are no winners and no losers here. The object is to have fun! For a more detailed description, read the Simulation Guide.

What kind of SIMs does the USF have?

The USF has a variety of ships for you to serve on, including Sovereign, Galaxy, Intrepid (Voyager), Excelsior, and Nebula class, with story backgrounds set in timelines from the Dominion War to after the Hobus incident (destruction of Romulus). There are also two space stations, a planetary outpost, and even Starfleet Academy! Though, you do not have to sit through the Academy to be posted on any of the SIMs. The Starfleet Academy SIM is a specialized role-playing adventure (typically for experienced players). We have no academy requirements. You just jump right into the action and excitement!

Not only is there a wide variety of Star Trek based simulations to enjoy, but we also have a few other departments to fill any interests you might have, including a monthly magazine, called the USF PADD, and more. For further information, see the listing of departments.

What do I need to join?

To be considered for entry into the USF, applicants...

  • must have access to the internet and an email address. Our SIMs take place in AOL/AIM chatrooms and in the Sector001 Webchat (can also be accessed via IRC), so there should be a simulation and chat medium for you.
  • should be able to check their email about twice weekly.
  • should be familiar with the Star Trek Universe. (You don't have to know every little detail about Trek. No one does.)
  • must be ready to have FUN, make friends, and blast those threatening the Federation to kingdom come!

Sound fun? Take a look at our list of simulations, or click the Join link to jump right into the fun.