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Last Modified: Monday, 09-Nov-2009 20:47:56 CST

Welcome to my spinoff of the personality surveys. Have you ever wondered what starship position would be best for you? Or, have you ever created a character but didn't know what position to post him as? Well, here is the answer! Answer the following questions for either you or your character and hit the "Submit" button at the end.
-Ambassador Arronax

Part 1: Starship Nightlife

1. It's your first day on the USS Nightmare...
You walk into 11 Forward and sit at the bar. The Captain is sitting to your right. You...

  1. salute and ask him how his day has been.
  2. salute and ask him where the ship is headed.
  3. sit quietly and eavesdrop on his conversations.
  4. leave the bar and join some of your friends.

2. After you've had your drink you leave 11 Forward....
While you're walking through the halls of the USS Nightmare, you stumble on a...

  1. strange object never before encountered by the Federation emitting an inverted tachyon pulse.
  2. hypospray containing a deadly chemical. There could be intruders on board.
  3. pile of the Blue Stuff. As you clean your shoe, you are careful not to touch any of it.
  4. can of pink paint. This ship would look good in pink!

3. You finally arrive at your quarters...
When you check your messages, you're not surprised to find 243 messages in your inbox- all written in the past hour!

  1. Half of them are from subordinates. You reply to a few.
  2. It was only a dream. No one ever messages an ensign.
  3. You reply to each and every message, making sure to indicate IMPORTANT or NOT-IMPORTANT as appropriate.
  4. Half of them are 24th century spam, and the other half is news about a new type of warp drive.

4. Three hours after falling asleep...
There is a shrill coming from outside. You...

  1. cover your ears with a sound-proof pillow and hope the noise goes away.
  2. run outside to find a man on the floor writhing in pain.
  3. ponder what kind of sound can penetrate the sound-proof walls of the ship.
  4. run outside to find a never-before-seen life-form.

Part 2: Alpha Shift

5. You got no sleep that night...
Somehow you managed to stay awake during your first shift in the morning. While manning your station, you...

  1. converse with your shipmates about their personal lives.
  2. do the job to the best to your ability, which means no talking.
  3. day dream about warp drives and inverse tachyon pulses.
  4. bend the rules a bit so you can listen to music while flying the ship.

6. The USS Nightmare is on a first-contact mission with species 8472.
You are...

  1. wondering how anything could look so ugly.
  2. willing to take the responsibility of ensuring that no one sees any of those ugly creatures.
  3. eager to meet one of them to ask if his mother looked that ugly.
  4. eager to meet one of them to ask if he makes himself sick.

Part 3: Mission Briefing

7. Your mission for tonight...
The ship will be escorting Ambassador Nnnoo of species 8472 to the hostile planet Archenoid. You are most concerned about...

  1. getting as far away from the ambassador as quickly as possible.
  2. getting the ambassador to the surface of the planet safely.
  3. protecting the away team leader and the ambassador.
  4. scanning the planet for anomalies.

8. The ambassador is safely on the surface...
The away team returns to the ship. Many members of the team have fallen ill, except for you. You...

  1. send get well cards from the safety of your quarters. (The MiW deliver it for you.)
  2. try to make them feel better by giving them silly personality surveys.
  3. think their sickness is a result of the hideous looks of species 8472.
  4. think their sickness was caused by an energy being in orbit of the planet.

Part 4: To Explore Strange New Worlds...

9. The energy being from question 8 choice (D) causes havok on the USS Nightmare.
You can't be interrupted in the middle of...

  1. a warp core simulation that will determine the fate of your Starfleet career.
  2. the monthly junior officers' poker game. A bar of GPL is at stake here!
  3. meditation and eating calcium paste and protein composite.
  4. a holodeck novel. The suspense is overpowering you.

10. The energy being is trapped in cargo bay three.
You are...

  1. assigned to the security detail. If it tries to escape, you are ordered to shoot.
  2. one of the many science officers scanning the being.
  3. concerned that the level 8 force fields will hurt the being.
  4. the leader of the security detail. That thing will be dead by the end of the hour.

11. All of the other officers in the cargo bay have left...
The energy being...

  1. attempts to escape. You decide to let the being go.
  2. attempts to escape. Maybe those forcefields weren't enough.
  3. begins to communicate with you. Good thing you know Engery-ese.
  4. doesn't do anything. Good thing because you chose (A) in the last question and you realize you left your phaser in your quarters.

12. The energy being is able to escape.

  1. sigh because you would have liked to study it more.
  2. run to the captain's quarters to tell him what happened.
  3. ponder what its life will be like after it returns to its home.
  4. mumble "good bye" because you had grown attached to it in the past few days.